Homely Environment

Baronsmede Family Homes was set up in December 1985 in order to provide services for people with learning disabilities.  We aim to provide a homely environment which allows individuals freedom of choice and control over their own lives, with support where appropriate.

Services are provided in consultation with the people living in the settings, and are designed to meet individual needs.

Aims and Objectives

The main aim of the organization is to maximize the potential of each individual in our care. We want our individuals to be as independent as possible, so we encourage them to:

  • Develop their independence and where possible move on to a less supervised environment
  • Be involved in the operations of the home by making contributions and suggestions
  • Make choices about their daily activities and to come and go as they please, with support if required
  • Control the heating, lighting and TV in their own rooms
  • Be involved in decision making in all aspects of their daily lives
  • Lead happy and fulfilling lives

Individual Needs

We encourage individuals to:

  • Integrate into the local community
  • Make their own rooms more personal to them
  • Be involved in choosing a key worker

Regular assessments are carried out and services are tailored to meet individual needs.

We have a dedicated staff  team and staffing levels are structured in order to offer individuals opportunities to benefit from learning in small groups, or a 1:1 basis where required.

Staff are offered ongoing training and development opportunities to ensure that they are able to meet the specific needs of individuals in our care.

High Quality Living

The organization is committed to offering high quality living accommodation and all rooms have the benefit of en-suite facilities.

Individuals are encouraged to express their spirituality (if desired) and are encouraged / facilitated to attend a church or place of worship of their choice.

There are also opportunities to attend special services geared to people with learning disabilities on a monthly basis.